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Pour that fresh 

cup of coffee or a good glass of wine

and enjoy...

Who are we?  Who did we become?

Teachers, police officers, firemen/women, writers, authors, doctors, nurses, dentists, lawyers, bankers, financiers, world travelers, designers, tourism developers, historic preservationists, city-planners, stay-at-home moms/dads, entrepreneurs, master gardeners, artists, painters, genealogists, quilters, elected officials, community volunteers, runners, cyclists, boy/girl scouts, business owners and so many others with intriguing interests and life stories.


99% of those born between 1930 and 1946 (world wide) are now deceased.

If we were born in this time span, we are one of the rare surviving "one-percenters". (1% of this special group!)  Their age range is between 77 and 93 years old.  A 16 year span.


We are the smallest group of children born since the early 1900's.

We are the last to remember rationing for everything from gas to sugar to shoes to stoves.

We saved tin foil and poured fried meat fat into tin cans.

We remember when milk was delivered to our house early in the morning and placed in the "milk box" by the door.

Discipline was enforced by our parents and teachers.

We are the last generation to spend childhood with no T.V. and only imagined what we heard on the radio.

With no T.V., we spent our childhood playing outside.

We had BLACK & WHITE T.V.'s in the late 40's that had three stations and no remote.

Telephones were one to a house, often shared (party lines) and the phone hung on the wall.

Typewriters were driven by pounding fingers, throwing the carriage and changing the ribbon.

Most highways were two lanes!  No interstates!

We went downtown to shop.  We walked to school.


Our parents were glad we played by yourselves.

We entered a world overflowing with plenty of opportunity.

We grew up in the best possible time.  A time when the world was getting better.

More than 99% of us are retired now, and we should feel priviledged to have lived in the best of times!

Since we have already reached the age of 77 years old, we have outlived 99% of the other people in the world who were born in this time span of 16 years!

In the 60's,

we each had the opportunity of choosing

any high school we wanted to attend  

to find other like spirits.

Most of us were not born 

with a silver spoon 

in our mouth.

Because of that, many of us have been faced with digging deep to be successful or just giving up.

The grit developed in our teens equipped us 

to be survivors!

Giving up was and is 

not an option!

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