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60th Reunion
July 28 - 29, 2023


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2 Invitation w Schedule ed.jpg


Accola: John & Dollie

Adolphson: Dave

Alexander: Jacque Wilbur & Joceil Southward

Anderson:  Lonna & Frank McCammond

Arnold:  Judy

Atwood: Vivian & George Edwards  

Bobenhouse: David & Eric Stanton

Brady:  David

Brewster: Joyce Youngberg

Brown: Jack

Catterson: Chris Schnell

Colwell: Sue Buehler

Cook:  Janet Lee

Daniels:  Dale & Gloria

Danielson:  Ron & Kathie

Dawson: Pamala Bizosky

Doudna: Dale & Marlys

Fehn: Margaret

Foster: Sharon Surber

Galloway: Connie (& Roland Griffith)

Gannon: Steve - FIRST TIME 

Greenwood: Stan

Griffith: Roland (& Connie Galloway)

Hall: June Golay

Hardersen: Gerry (& Sheryl)

Heariold: Paula Kinney

Henderson: Anne

Hood:  James (Butch)

Hopkins: Carol Smith

Larson: Esther

McCoy:  Lorraine

McDougal: Mary Ann Daily

McKelvey:  Gene & Margaret

Moomey:  Bev & Jim Aziere

Morris:  Ruth Glick/Bill Hamilton

Nehrling:  Rick - FIRST TIME

Oltrogge: Sue Grimm

Overton:  Dixie Bergsma

Patterson:  Nora Kruzich

Pendry:  Steve & Pat

Phillips:  Sheryl (& Gerry) Hardersen

Pilgrim:  Mary Kay Donohoe

Roush: Tom

Russell:  Jacquie & Jim Evans

Stout: Gene

Stout: Nancy Prizant & Ed Truslow

Teater:  Cheryl & Peter Noyes

Thompson: Bill & Pam

Twiss:  Marci & Mike Neary

Wilson: Dennis & Diane

Read below comments from those unable to attend...

From Cheryle Miller Sackett Cowhig

Greetings to all!


I so wish I could come but this year is just too busy for me.

Phil has been gone 15 years now.  The good news is I remarried on August 27, 2022, to a wonderful man I have known for 29 years!

We just had our 17th grandchild and will be great grandparents in August.

Miller Sackett Cheryle.jpg
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