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From Gene McKelvey


"First, let me say what a privilege it has been to help prepare this reunion for you.  From our initial meeting, the team was focused on making this weekend all about you and creating time to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. 

Many probably needed to look at our '63 yearbook to see who I was in our class.  You would not have found much and that's okay.  The person you see now has lived a unique story since 55 years ago.  We each have.  

Writing our stories is really much more than an exercise for our class to build stronger bonds.  Sharing your story with your family and providing a time-capsule of your life for future generations is a big part of what the genealogy phenonmenon is all about.

Last fall, I received a package in the mail from a first cousin in Michigan.  Inside were two journals from a grandmother who died before I was born.  I was blown away by the elegance and simplicity of that life lived in rural Southern Iowa in the 1800's.

Your life story may have a powerful impact on a member of your family.  Words have the power to inspire, to heal and to change lives.  I encourage you to share yours while you have the opportunity.

1945 - 2021

Ed Austin

Dave Adolphson

Lonna Anderson

Jacque Alexander

John Accola

Karen Cooper

Donna Bocosky

Christine Catterson

Dave Bobenhouse

Vivian Atwood

Margaret Fehn

Dale  Doudna

Jesserean Dixon

Dale Daniels

Mary Ann Daily

Steve Gannon

Connie Galloway

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Life Story.

1945 - 2020

Carolyn Grigsby

John Gersib

Anne Henderson

Paula  Heariold

Gerry Hardersen

Judy McDonald

Esther Larson

Sue Huber

Gary Howe

Jim Hood

Shelia Hoch

Gene McKelvey

Craig Millhollin

Cheryle Miller

Bev Moomey

1945 - 2021

Ruth Morris

Nora Patterson

Sue Oltrogge

Steve Pendry

Sheryl Phillips

Mary Kay Pilgrim

Gene Stout

Rick Nehrling

Marci Twiss

Jeanne Roberts

Ken Reed

Linda Pugh

Bill Thompson

Cheryl Teater

Jacquie Russell

Dixie Overton

"...[I] enjoyed reading about the path that our fellow classmates have walked." 

Dale Daniels

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