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Every dollar means
the world to these students

The event this year (2023) was the best event yet with 144 golfers that netted $32,000 that will benefit the Polar Bear Scholarship Fund and awarded to qualified graduating seniors in the spring of 2024.

Our class has been very active in developing the Polar Bear Scholarship Fund and can take great pride in that. We are seeing  past scholarship winners finish college and return to our community to become contributing members in the community. At least 2 past scholarship winners that are now teaching at North High. We expect to give at least $100,000 to deserving 2020 graduates. 

Approximately $80,000 - 100,000 in scholarships is awarded each year from the Polar Bear Scholarship Fund to students at North High School.  

These funds are generated through:

  • The Polar Bear Open held in July each year.

  • The yearly direct mail campaign in the fall.

  • Memorial gifts honoring alumni faculty, staff or friends of North High.

  • General donations and named scholarships.

Each North High Alumni has the opportunity to invest in the lives of the North High student.

  • Join the North High Alumni Association and keep current with needs and event at the school where you could make a contribution.

  • Respond to the fall mailer with a donation that can increase the ability to award more scholarships in the fall of of each year.

  • Make an online contribution to assist in raising the amount given each year from $80,000 to $100,000 and help more NHS students realize their potential.  Go to:  GO NORTH

  • Designate a memorial contribution in honor of a friend or classmate to the Polar Bear Scholarship Fund.

    • The Board's goal this year is to sustain the Pat Moran Scholarship through money collected from reunions and award it each year.​

  • Talk with friends and associates about this wonderful opportunity to help make dreams come true for some hard-working high school student who really need financial support.

  • Include the North High Scholarship Fund in your estate planning and on your list of yearly donations as you look to the future.

Another recipient shared that these scholarships encourage them because the administration, faculty, staff and donors see potential in each of them that says "We believe in YOU". 


This student shared that donors are actually saying we believe you can be better than any of them realize they can be and that each donor believes in the great potential that they have as future leader in their chosen fields of study.

For most North High Students, scholarship awards are the only way that they can further their education. 


One shared how these scholarships actually make their dreams become realities. 

The recipient wanted the Board and the Donors to know that the scholarship awards also inspire them to continue to dream and to dream limitlessly rather than within the limits of their current situation.

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