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...remembering them!

Dick "Mackie" McDonald


Reflections by

John Accola:


Ron German, Craig Millhollin and I were discussing the other day the disposition of Dick MacDonald's ashes.  


It seems that he and Ronnie enjoyed golfing at Hyperion where Dick was known to mishit his drive off the #9 tee more than once, with his ball invariably going straight into the adjacent swimming pool.  


Ronnie decided that Dick would have wanted his ashes spread on the number nine green, which he had such difficulty reaching in life.  

I asked if they had gotten permission to do this.


The answer was...


Dick McDonald.jpg
Tee 9.jpg
John Casey.jpg

John Casey


Reflections by

Dale Daniels:


Denny Wilson and John Casey sharing some childhood stories at the forty fifth North High reunion in the summer of 2008. 


Although we lost John a few years ago I will always remember his incredible athletic abilities but more than that John was a class act and loyal friend to many of us.  


John was especially proud of his children and was always ready to proudly share some of their many of accomplishments.


Carolyn Grigsby Cole


Reflections by

Nora Patterson Kruzich:


The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  Carolyn possessed all of these qualities. I believe faithful servant and joyful best describe her.


I first met Carolyn when I moved to Des Moines during the second semester of 7th grade.  She was the first person to welcome me to “Harding Junior High and Des Moines, Iowa”.  Even as a 12-year old she was in charge of hospitality! Little did I know then that we would become life-long friends.  Carolyn knew no strangers and paid no attention to one's status in life.  She genuinely liked everyone and treated each person with love and respect.



One of my favorite memories was going to the Holy Land with Carolyn.  She had long wanted to, had heard stories and jumped at the opportunity.  We saw all of the sites including the birthplace of Jesus, the Jordan River where He was baptized, Mt. Tabor, the site of the Transfiguration, the Sea of Galilee, towns where He taught, the Mount of Beatitudes, the house of Caiaphas, walking down the Mount of Olives and praying one evening while gathered around the agony rock in the Garden of Gethsemane.  She marveled at all of the sites but one of the places she appreciated was where Jesus was raised and the fact that his grandmother's house was nearby.  I remember her saying how wonderful it would be for Jesus to have such a close relationship with his grandmother.  Being a grandmother was so important to her.



Now for an example of her joyfulness....One night while in Jerusalem we were in our tiny, and I mean tiny, hotel room.  There was no air conditioning, no windows and the room was probably over 100 degrees.  Neither of us was sleeping when she got up.  I quietly said “what time is it?”  She said it's 2:34 a.m. and without any lights on I could tell she was smiling.


Three or four years ago Carolyn was asked to volunteer for the North High Alumni Association.  She threw herself into her role, had many great ideas and was, of course, energetic.  One year she served as Vice President of the Board.  I told her she would be a perfect fit for the Polar Bear Scholarship Board.  She enthusiastically joined the Board, was Co-President, and was chosen to interview the applicants along with two other Board members.  My role was to introduce the students this year.  While sitting in the main office some 40 or 50 feet away, I could hear Carolyn's laughter through the closed door.  Each applicant was greeted by Carolyn with a handshake.  If you've ever had occasion to shake Carolyn's hand, you know that one hand is not enough.  She always used her second hand to cover yours...just the added touch to make you feel so welcomed.  I know each applicant felt that genuine welcome. She put each one at ease for the interview process.  At our Annual Polar Bear Open, she sat with the scholarship winners while they introduced themselves to the golfers.  She came back with many new ideas on how to raise more money to help the students with their college expenses. She wanted, more than anything, to give all these students a chance to fulfill their dreams.  One note I received after her passing said she had a kind and gentle soul and is the definition of Polar Bear Pride.


From 1st Corinthians we are told that we see only a reflection as in a mirror but we know Carolyn is now face to face with her Savior. 

How happy we all are for her and how happy she would be if we all lived a faith-filled life.

Carolyn Grigsby Cole.jpg

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