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Filled with passion, depth, personality and so much more...



Bev Moomey Aziere was filled with the passion to see everyone possible attend and spent hours upon hours calling to make sure anyone and everyone physically possible could attend our reunion...not just at the onset of the invitation but right up to the weekend. 

It was apparent by the attendance at our 55th reunion that...

  • we all realize we are no longer a 40 year old person anymore....and we haven't seen 60 candles on our cake for several years.

  • friendships built when we were teens helped to form our character and spirit that has helped form our own personal legacy now!

Judy Arnold 1.jpg



Judy Arnold brought personality and energy to the reunion.  The bridge she provided to all the grads was so valuable and caused all of us to say:  we're all grads together of 1963.  Doesn't matter the month.   


Energy? Did you see her on the dance floor?  That's how she lives her life!  That's what she brought to the efforts.



Dale Daniels was a driving force not only on the golf course at the Polar Bear Open, an event which  contributes to sponsoring outstanding NHS graduates each year, but bringing creative ideas to our reunion.  And none more than introducing us to the outstanding entertainment at our main event, Richie Lee and the Fabulous 50's (and 60's).

Dale Daniels 2.jpg

Over 35 years ago, Bev & I looked at each other and said, "Wouldn't it be fun to put one of these on some day together?"

Well, that 'some day' came as you can see!


Then we tagged Gene for a man's point of view - and what a help he was!  So glad we had him, his tenacity and his insight.


And then there's our firecracker, Judy who never stops moving with great ideas & excitement!


Beyond this dynamic group, it has been fun for the full team here to put this 3-day event together.

Your experience

was our



Russell Evans

Jacquie 2.jpg



Gene McKelvey was absolutely determined to protect the time we had actually sit down and catch up with each other. 


The depth he brought to the reunion began when he created the collection of LIFE STORY's.  Stories...many of which were available to be read before we arrived for the weekend. 


How rich his perception was to assure we had this background of many of our friends.  Many backgrounds which gave us greater appreciation for each other when we met.

Gene Mc 2.jpg



Carolyn Grigsby Cole, dedicated like so many behind the Polar Bear Scholarship Fund program, was co-chair and detailed how the Polar Bear Open as well as our personal contributions benefit so many young NHS grads each year.

Carolyn Grigsby Cole

1945 - 2019




Marci Twiss Neary headed up the Centerpiece/Door Prizes Team  of Janet Cook and Jeanne Roberts.  The approximately 15 gifts stemmed all the way from the lovely centerpieces embossed with NHS  Class of '63 contributed by Flowers by Anthony's to four Cub's Tickets from Mike Neary.

Class June w spouses.jpg
Janet Cook
Marci Twiss Neary
Jeanne Roberts.jpg
Jeanne Roberts
Jim Aziere
Jim Evans.jpg
Dale Daniels bw.jpg
Dale Daniels


You might say Jim Aziere is an honorary graduate married to a fellow grad of ours, Bev Moomey Aziere. Jim has taken our photos for many many reunions and for which we are most grateful. 


Thanks, too, to other contributors...Jim Evans, Dale Daniels, Steve Pendry and George Edwards for their contributions this year.

Jim Evans
Steve Pendry bw.jpg
George Edwards
Steven Pendry
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