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Gene McKelvey

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Additional Biographical Information

One experience of which I am proud is to have served for 7 years on the board of directors for Passageway, Inc., the only accredited clubhouse model psychosocial rehabilitation facility in Iowa. Passageway is committed to helping people living with serious mental illness as they manage their illness and rejoin the worlds of employment, educaation, family and friends.


In retirement, I turned a hobby of flower gardening into creative expression through photo apps as an AppArtist.  That rebirth of artistic creativity has blossomed into a gallery of images.  In addition to enjoying the creative process of transforming a photo into a piece of art, I am sometimes inspired to write a creative description.  My love of the English language and years working in a communications role has come in handy now.  I hope you like my interpretations of the world as expressed in my work.

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